Lahaul Spiti

Spiti Valley is a chilly desert in India’s Himachal Pradesh state. ‘Spiti’ simply means “middle land,” as the value is located between India and Tibet. The location provides breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Spiti Valley is located at a height of 12500 feet and is flanked on all sides by the Himalayan peaks.

Due to the deep Himalayan snow that isolates Spiti from the rest of the country for around 6 months of the year, the summer months are the only time Spiti is fully available via motorway.

Spiti, despite its sparse population, is an adventurer’s paradise, with a variety of trekking trails to select from. All of these treks begin in Kaza and lead to numerous peaks with panoramic views of the Himalayan Alps.

With the massive Himalayas, the passes between them, the clean lakes, and the bright blue sky above them, the valley is a visual treat. The lovely valley is dotted with modest cottages and Buddhist temples inhabited by locals who live basic lifestyles and welcome visitors with great enthusiasm.

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  • Summer (March to June): 15  ͦC to 20   ͦC
  • Winters (October to February): -25  ͦC to  2  ͦC
  • Monsoon (July to September): 5  ͦC to 10   ͦC

How to Reach

By Air: Shimla airport and Kullu valley’s Bhuntar airport are the nearest. The booked taxi can pick up from the notified location. Moreover, you can even board the cab from Delhi or Chandigarh Airport.

By Train: Chandigarh and Kalka has the nearest railway stations to Spiti Valley. Pick up can be provided from the notified railway station. The booked taxi can even pick from Delhi’s, Chandigarh’s, Ambala’s or Kalka’s railway stations.

Best Time to Visit

March to October is supposedly the best time to visit the off-beaten valley.

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