Dalhousie is a Himachal Pradesh hill station that is an attractive vacation spot for all types of travelers. It meanders through the five mountains of Kathlog, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota, and Bhangora. It was founded in 1850 by Lord Dalhousie, and there are numerous remnants of its colonial heritage.

There are lots of things to do and so many attractions to visit in Dalhousie which is why visitors fall in love with Dalhousie. When touring the area, you have several options, such as visiting a temple or a church, horseback riding, or parasailing. And these aren’t the only things to do in Dalhousie.

Dalhousie, like most other well-known hill stations in India, has its own Mall Road. It is where most of the city’s socializing takes place, and you may see people taking a leisurely walk or having fun by doing nothing. It’s a terrific spot to meet the people and purchase Tibetan handicrafts, woolen shawls, and craftwork.

We offer a number of Dalhousie tour packages. These travel packages are designed to enrich your visit to the Dalhousie.


  • Summer (March to June): 18  ͦC to 30   ͦC
  • Winters (December to February): 3  ͦC to 12   ͦC
  • Monsoon (July to September): 10  ͦC to 18   ͦC

How To Reach

By Air: the nearest airport is Gaggal airport located in Dharamshala town. You can board a flight to here from Delhi or Chandigarh. From the airport, the driver would pick you to take you to Dalhousie.

Asides the above, pick up from Delhi, Chandigarh or Amritsar airports are even possible.

By Train: Pathankot has the nearest railway station to reach Dalhousie. Pathankot is well connected to various cities of India like Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu, etc via train service. From Pathankot, you shall be reaching Dalhousie by the booked Taxi.

Asides Pathankot, we do offer pick up from Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Kalka railway stations as well.

Best Time to Visit

Visit Dalhousie whenever you wish to. It is always pleasant to visit here.

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